Become a Director

Becoming a BCLF Director

The Bayfield County Lakes Forum works to preserve and enhance the scenic, natural, recreational and economic values of Bayfield County lakes, streams and shorelands. To do this, we have six Directors. Two represent the northern lakes of the County, two central and two others cover the south. Also, any Director may be consulted by any member, regardless of location.

Terms of service are two years two years in length with a maximum of three consecutive terms possible. This allows Directors who have served three consecutive terms, and have then been off the Board for at least one year, to become re-elected for up to three more terms.

Our bylaws prevent any Director from profiting from the post, although Directors are reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses including mileage.

Most of our business is conducted by e-mail. Access to an e-mail account is required. Directors are asked to respond promptly to e-mail messages marked ‘action’ or ‘urgent’.

Although very rare, Directors are expected to attend our face-to-face meetings and our BCLF Annual Meeting except in case of rare and extenuating circumstances. Directors are also asked to appear, when possible, at the annual meetings of our member lake groups to profile BCLF efforts.

The BCLF supports the work of the Wisconsin Association of Lakes and the Wisconsin Lakes Partnership.

Attendance at the Northwest Lakes Conference and the Wisconsin Lakes Convention is recommended. We also recommend that our Director’s lake organizations subsidize all or part of the travel expenses associated with these functions.

Our member lake groups are our base. We try our best to do work that we feel is in the best interest of these organizations and their members. In the rare occasion that we disagree with a member organization’s position, we seek common ground and work toward solution. Meanwhile, we continue to support the other efforts and interests of that organization.

Being a successful Director means more than just determining policy. In order to accomplish all we do, Directors are asked to be active participants in their own area of expertise or interest. However, the BCLF does not dictate assignments for Directors. Many opportunities exist for Directors to serve the BCLF and our lakes. Our Directors are free to choose how they feel their abilities and interests best apply.

How to apply for the post of BCLF Director

If you feel you wish to contribute to the development of our organization by seeking a seat on our Board of Directors, please begin by reading the section in our website called YOUR BCLF. It may also be helpful to read the ACCOMPLISHMENTS page. This will give you a good understanding of the policies, directions and efforts of the organization.

Next, e-mail or let any of the standing Directors know of your request to be considered for a seat on the Board. Your request will be promptly acted upon and you will soon be contacted with information about your request.

Please note that if you feel BCLF’s policies or directions are not the best for our lakes and lake organizations, you should not discard your interest in becoming a Director. Rather, you should consider seeking a seat at the table so you can help develop the organization toward its best potential.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to serve the lake organizations as well as the lakes and streams of Bayfield County.

Jim Brakken, BCLF President