BCLF Resolution: Call for WCC and NRB study of fireworks options

The Problem:    Aerial fireworks, now used to celebrate many events in Wisconsin, result in heavy metals and toxic perchlorates being released into the air we breathe and water we consume. 

Recent laser light shows technology developments now result in exceptional displays. They far exceed old-fashioned aerial explosions. Laser light technology, when combined with traditional aerial fireworks can reduce costs and pollution. Laser light shows require a one-time investment. Once purchased, the technology can be used repeatedly and in many locations. It is cost-effective and getting cheaper.

Each year Wisconsin organizations, corporations and financially-strapped municipalities produce many fireworks shows. A study would make them aware of cost-effective alternatives that are better for the air and water and may be more thrilling for the viewers.

Some claim old-fashioned fireworks are patriotic. However, there is nothing patriotic about sending millions of dollars to some foreign country, then using their fireworks to pollute our air, water, lakes and streams.

Laser light shows do not go up in smoke, do not pollute and could result in employment of Americans rather than foreign workers.

The Solution: Be it resolved that the Bayfield County WCC calls upon the NRB and the Congress to create a committee to investigate options and alternatives to aerial incendiary fireworks and report their findings to the public.

(Please note that this is NOT a call for any law prohibiting fireworks. It is only a call for a study.)
Question: Do you recommend that a committee be formed to look into alternatives to traditional incendiary fireworks?    Yes _________     No _________

Jim Brakken, Bayfield County Lakes Forum President
45255 East Cable Lake Road, Cable,WI 54821