BCLF Resolution title: Phosphorus and runoff rules must be protected

The Problem: The proposed biennial budget bill rolls back regulations designed to protect waterways from weed-producing phosphorus and other pollutants that wash from streets and construction sites.
These important water pollution rules – some of which were approved as recently as 2010 – are very much needed in order keep Wisconsin’s lakes, rivers and streams clean, safe and healthy.

Phosphorus is a major component of manure and lawn fertilizer. It promotes algae growth and robs water of oxygen.

Runoff pollution, such as manure, fertilizer and the oily grime of urban streets is considered Wisconsin’s leading source of water quality problems.

Clean lakes and streams drive northern Wisconsin’s largest industry, tourism. Gutting the new phosphorus and runoff regulations, as proposed in the current budget, will severely impact both tourism and jobs for Wisconsin citizens, especially in the northern half of the state.

Although corporate farms, factories, corporations and commercial developers would benefit from the elimination of the new phosphorus and runoff rules, the citizens of Wisconsin would not. It is wrong to sacrifice the health of our waters for the benefit of a few individuals and large corporations.

The Solution: Retain the phosphorus and runoff rules and language approved in 2010.

Question: Do you feel that, in order to protect our lakes, streams and ground water, the Wisconsin Conservation Congress and Wisconsin Legislature should retain the 2010 phosphorus and runoff rule language?

Jim Brakken, BCLF President                  ___________ YES   _____________ No
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