Title: Recycling programs must be protected

The Problem: The Governor’s proposed budget does away with both the state subsidy for municipal recycling programs as well as the state mandate for such programs. But, it does not do away with the state law that requires that recyclable items be handled differently from other waste.

This means that if financially-strapped municipalities do away with recycling programs, property owners will have to find a way to recycle their garbage and will be stuck with the cost.

Among many other problems, this would lead to waste being discarded in ditches, woodlands and waters instead of being taken to a community recycling center.

Elimination of Wisconsin’s effective and efficient recycling efforts is a threat to our surface and ground waters. Clean, safe, healthy waters are essential to our economy.

Elimination of recycling is also a threat to clean air and our unspoiled woodlands.

Our recycling efforts help protect healthy air and water. Both are crucial to good public health.

The Solution: Retain Wisconsin’s successful recycling programs and policies and reject any attempts to gut these efforts.

Question: Do you feel that, in order to protect our lakes, streams and groundwater, the Wisconsin Conservation Congress and Wisconsin Legislature should work to retain our successful recycling programs and policies?  ___________ YES   _____________ No

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