BCLF needs your help

We are fighting off CAFOs, AIS, and have partnered with WSI to return local control of shoreland zoning to our county.
BCLF needs your help in protecting your lake and your property values. But WE NEED YOUR HELP. The Forum’s work is made possible only by volunteers and donations by individuals and lake associations.

Of over 50 inhabited lakes (20 with lake associations), fewer than 1/3 have yet to make their 2016 annual contribution of $50 for small lakes, $100 for medium, and $250 or more for our largest associations. This makes little sense as BCLF works for YOUR lake, as much as any other. ACTION ITEM: Check with your lake association board today to confirm they have or soon will make a contribution.

It’s very inexpensive insurance to have a countywide group here when needed. CAFOs are not the only issue on the table. CLICK HERE (LINK TO ACCOMPLISHMENTS PAGE) and you’ll see a list of accomplishments that no other countywides can boast. You’ll also find a way to make individual contributions, in case your lake has no association or your association is one of those that believes others should pay their fair share.

Click the DONATE button at the top of the home page and you can make a secure credit-card or PayPal contribution in any amount. (This summer we had several individuals who felt donations between $25 and $60 were in order.) Whether you’re an individual or an association, please consider making your 2016 contribution now. Thanks for helping us help your lake.